Child Support

Child support is determined under California law pursuant to a statewide Guideline. The amount of support depends upon the income of each party, recognized deductions from each party's income and the amount of time the child or children spend with each party. Where one or both parties is self-employed or has fluctuating income, determining the amount of income available for child support may not be as straight forward as other cases. Also, if either party has unusual tax deductions or liabilities, it is important that these matters be property considered. At Marx & Duffy we have experience in a wide variety of circumstances that may arise in a child support case and can often quickly determine if the facts present a simple calculation or a more complex one. In addition to the base amount of Guideline child support, parents are frequently ordered to share unreimbursed medical expenses for the child as well as work-related childcare expenses. Other child related expenses such as private school tuition and extracurricular activities may also be ordered shared by the parties as part of a Child Support Order.

Given our years of experience, dealing with a wide variety of cases, we are generally able to assist our clients in reaching a prompt negotiated settlement of child support issues without the need for litigation. However, where the issues cannot be resolved, we are prepared to assist our client in resolving these issues fairly and expeditiously.